Exterior Insulation Paint

Exterior Insulation Paint

BARKKAFT-EXTERIOR INSULATION; It is a new generation nano-technology liquid thermal insulation coating paint consisting of a homogeneous mixture of completely environmentally friendly spheres, expanded inside for coating purposes, polymeric structure and acrylic resin-based binder.

When applied on the exterior, it prevents mold and corrosion with its maximum adhesion feature. It prevents the spread of ultraviolet rays and the leakage of heat into the structure in summer. In winter, it provides excellent thermal insulation performance by preventing cold air from penetrating the building.

BARKKAFT -1- EXTERIOR INSULATION; It provides high adhesion level and flexibility to any surface, has low thermal conductivity (Lambda: 0.018) thanks to the beads it contains, and provides at least 10 times more insulation performance than all conventional insulation materials, not only from the effects of hot and cold. It is applied much more easily and economically in a short time compared to other materials.

It has the same lifespan as plaster on the exterior. It does not peel, crack or fade, and retains its properties for many years compared to normal paints.

  • Since it is a perfect reflector, it is very effective in preventing energy permeability. It provides energy savings of up to 50%.
  • Ease of application, since it is based on application, it can be applied more easily with a roller, brush or spray, saving time and money.
  • It can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Do not breathe; It becomes sensitive to humidity and temperature changes by preventing hot and cold transitions, thus allowing the structure to breathe by not allowing sweating, moisture, mold and fungus formation.
  • It has sound insulation feature and prevents sound and vibration
  • It has a flame retardant feature.
  • It is elastic and resistant to impacts.
  • Its color is white. It can be colored with pigment. Paint can be applied on it.
  • It is not affected by wind and salt.
  • Since it adheres to the plaster in buildings, it provides performance as long as the plaster life (40-50 years).
  • It can be applied to any surface such as plastic, metal, concrete, brick, wood, etc.
  • EPS and rock wool etc. It is 20 times lighter than other products and does not impose any load on the structure on which it is applied.
  • It is environmentally friendly and does not contain substances harmful to human health.
  • It provides high efficiency in terms of energy efficiency.
  • In the interior and exterior of buildings
  • On Roofs and Ceilings
  • On Balconies and Porches
  • Container buildings (Office, House and Other)
  • In Steel Building Structures
  • In Hangars and Garages
  • In Building Parking Lots
  • In Historical Buildings
  • In Prefabricated Buildings
  • In Frigofirk Vehicles
  • In trains, wagons, ships and airplanes
  • In military vehicles
  • In Cold Storage
  • It can be applied on all surfaces.
  • Nominal Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: 0.018 W/mK
  • Lifespan: At least 40-50 Years
  • Water Permeability: TS EN 1062-3 0,017kg / m2.h
  • Wear Resistance: TS EN ISO 5470-1 843mg
  • Color: White (can be colored with pigment)
  • Impact Resistance: No cracking, no breaking
  • Liquid Density: 0.7 kGn/dm3
  • Impact Resistance: TS EN ISO 6272-1 Class: III
  • One Layer Liquid Coating (0.5 mm) weight: 0.3 kg/m2
  • Adhesive Bond: TE EN 1542 B-1.0 N/mm2
  • Light Reflection: 90%
  • Light Diffusion (IR light): 95%

COLOR: White. It can be colored with pigment. Water-based paint can be applied on it.
CONSUMPTION: If applied with a maximum thickness of 2 mm: Consumption amount is 25-28m²/bucket. Application conditions have been evaluated excluding ground, weather conditions and different uses.
PACKAGING: In 18 L plastic buckets.
SHELF LIFE: If stored in unopened and undamaged packages, it has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of production.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry and cool environment in weather conditions above 0ºC.


  • If there is a mistake or break in the plaster, repair it and wait for the drying time.
  • After the bucket lid is opened, it should be mixed with a drill at medium speed.
  • Water should never be added to the insulation.
  • 4-5 hours after primer application (drying varies depending on weather conditions)
  • The first layer of Barkkaft insulation coating is applied. After at least 6 hours or complete drying, the 2nd and, if desired, the 3rd coat can be applied.
  • The application is applied with a brush or roller, it can also be sprayed with an airless machine.