About Us

About Us

Although our company made the first applications in the developments in insulation in Turkey in the early 2000s, today our company under the umbrella of Altai Yapı Endüstri A.Ş.;

BARKKAFT Insulation Paint has taken its place among the leading companies in the insulation industry with its new generation nano-technological polymeric content expanded beads product range, and our products do not burden our country and the world with their upright stance and devoted structure, and buildings that comply with earthquake regulations...

It reflects the sustainability and renewable policies of the World Climatization Organization and with this policy, energy saving offers high energy efficiency. Since environmentally friendly BARKKAFT insulation paint can be applied to all surfaces, our products, which will be beneficial for heating and cooling, provide SOUND, HEAT, WATER and FIRE insulation.

The fact that existing insulation products release greenhouse gases harmful to the environment, labor costs and the fact that bricks are punctured and damage the building statics to a certain extent, led us to dream of new products and started our story by researching economical, constantly renewable, environmentally friendly and nano products.

Although these products are seen as a revolutionary invention by some, these technologies are used around the world and enter the Turkish and world markets as high value-added products.

Altai Yapı Endüstri AŞ; It has introduced BARKKAFT products and ALKEN conductive paint, which can be applied to any surface.